Starring: Jon Hamm Sarah Gadon Danny Pudi Christopher Heyerdahl

DIRECTOR: Joachim Back


Authority Inc’s newest employee Orson (Jon Hamm) instantly develops a distaste for his office colleagues, offended by such things as their lackadaisical work habits, their sloppy attire, and even the lack of credibility of a young child’s drawing depicting the sun on one of their desks. Determined to be “a person to be reckoned with,” he prides himself on his work ethic, hewing to a strict hourly schedule of 55 minutes of intense work followed by a five-minute break. It isn’t until Orson discovers an empty, elegantly appointed, wood-paneled office that he finds momentary contentment. Retreating there whenever he can, he discovers that it provides an inner peace that enables him to do his best work, resulting in kudos from his boss and the never seen “EVP” upstairs who truly controls things. His newfound status only increases his co-workers’ resentment. More problematically, none of them can see the apparently magical office that serves as Orson’s refuge.

GENRE: Drama, Comedy

YEAR: 2023