Starring: Vernon Wells Jessica Morris Steven Martini

DIRECTOR: Michael Matteo Rossi


Isa is the matriarch of a network of assassins and hitmen; something that she has been doing for decades. Her three kids (Cain, Becca and Jonah) have taken up her trade and she’s thought about retiring for some time but is unsure who will take over when she’s done. Isa decides to bring her three children along for a bigger hit, infiltrating an apartment full of targets, to see how things go. There is a firefight and, halfway through, Isa mysteriously falls ill. The kids and her escape in a getaway car driven by Zane, Isa’s boyfriend, who takes them to safety. Zane is not trusted by the kids, except for Jonah, who is seen as the most ‘naïve’ one, because the others think Zane is using Isa to take over the empire. Zane grooms and uses Jonah as a pawn to vouch for Zane to be the one to take over her business. There is a downfall of betrayal and mistrust between the siblings and even Isa herself as Zane uses her power of manipulation to try and get everything he wants.

GENRE: Thriller, Action/Adventure

YEAR: 2023