Starring: Glen Matlock Cheetah Chrome Fat Mike Kenny Jones Alan Jones

DIRECTOR: Andre Relis Nick Mead


Based off the novel written by Glen Matlock one of the founding members of the Sex Pistols. Based on Glen Matlock’s memoir and journey as a founding member of the Sex Pistols who co-wrote ten of twelve iconic songs on their only studio album, NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS. Experience the Pistols’ rise to global infamy with an honest, insightful account of a group of malcontents, determined to change the music business and to attack hypocrisy and stale conventions in society at large. Glen describes in detail the mindset of the UK in the early 70’s and divulges a mine of information; Wally Nightingale, Steve's thievery, the search for a singer, the exploding punk scene and a bleak backdrop providing a contrast to the excitement and energy of McLaren's shop. The public will now have a chance to hear the story, not just from a member of the band, but also from a man who had his contributions exceptionally downplayed.

GENRE: Music