Starring: Jean-Claude Van Damme Nick Diaz Shannen Doherty Kristanna Loken

DIRECTOR: James Cullen Bressack


Two years ago, Russell Hatch (Van Damme), an Interpol operative, watched the aftermath of a routine raid gone wrong that left his informant Esther Martin dead. Since then, Hatch has taken on the role of father figure to her son Jayden. When Yates, an old CIA buddy, warns him of an impending turf war between the Russian, Albanian, and Korean mobs in Los Angeles, Hatch doesn’t believe him at first, but two Russian gangsters soon attack Jayden’s grandfather Mr. Kim in Koreatown. Thankfully, they are met by a rageful Hatch who fights them to protect the old man and his business. That turn of events leads him to start formulating a plan to protect Jayden and Mr. Kim from the impending all-out war between the merciless gangs. When Jayden suddenly goes missing, Hatch sets off to find him and will do literally anything in his power to attack and fight anyone getting in his way including supposed allies with hidden agendas and nefarious intents.

GENRE: Action/Adventure

YEAR: 2024