Starring: Heather Graham Julia Stiles Thomas Lennon

DIRECTOR: Heather Graham


Ann (Heather Graham) is a yoga teacher struggling to achieve inner peace despite the fact her family is driving her crazy and her dating life is miserable. She doesn’t know how to say no and wants to fix everyone’s problems. In the meantime, Ann struggles to save her sister Clio (Julia Stiles) from addiction with disastrous results. With so many expectations on her, Ann leans on her good friends Max, Frances, Roz and Ella for support. They in turn set her up with a cute divorced dad Steve, who has an adorable 7 year old daughter. When Ann meets Steve’s daughter Lily, she is immediately smitten. But Lily does not feel the same, and as Steve and Ann get closer, Lily grows increasingly jealous and competitive. When Lily starts to misbehave, Ann sees that Lily can do no wrong in Steve’s eyes - she’s in the battle of her life with a 7 year old

GENRE: Romance, Comedy

YEAR: 2024