We examine two of the most infamous unsolved crimes in American history, as well as the aura of mystery that lingers over them. In Boston and Seattle, FBI special agents reveal the bizarre aspects of both cases and law enforcement's frustration over not being able to solve either of the outrageous heists. We travel with a Vietnam War veteran as he combs the sprawling woods of the Pacific Northwest. For 20 years, he has been looking for the remains of D.B. Cooper, and will not rest until he has answers to the 1971 crime. Then, a widow in Florida comes forth with new evidence that her husband may, in fact, have been D.B. Cooper. The 1990 GardnerMuseum heist in Boston yielded the largest theft of art treasures in history. In our story of the unsolved crime, we feature the Boston Herald reporter who inadvertently breaks open the Gardner case after a mysterious midnight drive to a warehouse culminates in a stunning discovery. Finally, a candid interview with a notorious art thief whom law enforcement has long suspected of planning the Gardner heist.

  • Crime