Las Vegas: Caught on Tape” is all about the people who play there -- and win and lose there.  There’s an “eye in the sky” that keeps everyone honest in Vegas. A Vegas security expert takes us behind the scenes to see how surveillance teams keep close watch on the players and the money.   On tape we see cheaters caught in the act.  But the cameras don't just catch customers cheating.  Sometimes, even the dealer tries to beat the odds. Not far from the Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette tables, there's a different type of high stakes gamble taking place, and it's caught on camera.  We see purse-snatchers, armed robberies, and jewelry heists.   But not everything caught on tape is a crime.  A couple of risk-takers gamble it all by jumping from the Stratosphere -- for kicks.  Lady Luck hands out a million dollar jackpot.  Sparks fly as a luxury jet makes an emergency landing.  Plus, we watch as some of the biggest hotels ever bite the dust.  It’s all in Las Vegas and it’s all Caught on Tape.

  • Biography