Following the disbandment of the short-lived synth pop group Yazoo, former Depeche Mode member Vince Clarke formed Erasure in 1985 with singer Andy Bell. Unlike their former groups, Erasure was synth-based with strong dance influences and a sharper, more accessible sense of pop song craft. Defined by Bell's distinctly high vocals and exaggerated theatrics, Erasure were an instant success in Britain, from where they originated, however overseas audiences were yet to be convinced. After a few years, the duo achieved commercial success in America with 1988's "Chains of Love," but they remained, in essence, a cult group on both sides of the Atlantic, cultivating a dedicated fan base over the course of their career. After tireless touring and song writing, Erasure penned several top 10 hits, including "Sometimes" and "La' Amour", which resulted in several highly successful albums. Erasure: Greatest Hits Live showcases all of the group's chart-topping hits and some of their lesser-known favorites. Their colorful costumes and choreographed dance moves promise to please old and new fans alike!

  • Pop
  • 2005