Amid the palm trees of a small fishing village, a coughing, over-dressed man, Tadeu, appears. He is a supplier in search of a strange crop: young girls. The quiet, seemingly fragile Maria, only twelve years old, is quickly chosen and soon loaded into the back of the truck with several others. ãPurchasedä by a wealthy landowner as a ägiftä for his virgin son, Maria is quickly indoctrinated into the ruthlessness of this world, and later finds herself on the way to a jungle-mining outpost with ãthe rest of the suppliesä to a notorious brothel. Kept in line by the violent owner, Maria finds solace only in the company of the other girls trying to keep their childhood alive in a place where all weakness must be hidden, and all rebellion is forbidden.

  • Thriller
  • 2006


Antonio Calloni, Cico Diaz, Darlene Gloria, Octavio Augusto, Vera Holts, Fernanda Carvalho, Bianca Comparato, Caco Monteiro, Mary Sheyla, Antonio Gonzalez, Evlin Buceggue, Rui Manthut, Mauricio Goncalves