We take a VIP tour through the most important house in the world: The White House -- a workplace, a celebration hall, and a home to America’s First Family. We meet the men and women who make the institution run -- a sharp, fast-paced staff of 450 movers, shakers, and policymakers – from the president’s personal photographer, to his communications and production design teams. They are also the press secretaries who represent the Oval Office, sometimes clashing with 80 White House reporters who question the President’s policies and messages. Find out what information they’re allowed to tell the public, and what they’re not. We keep pace with the President and President-watchers, from trips abroad, to the “Texas White House”. Near his retreat at Camp David, we hear stories that the staff has waited 25 years to tell. And we visit the President’s guest house in Washington, D.C. where foreign dignitaries stay, and where one former President lived. Join our VIP tour of the White House...the People’s 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in the nation’s capitol.

  • Biography
  • 2005